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Is anyone around here familiar with Black Magic Design's Ultrastudio line?

I'd like to use it to stream input from my gaming consoles and PC at the moment and hope to use one to step up into more advanced cinematography once I get a camera or two.

Can the Ultrastudio line do this kind of stuff? Is spending the extra bit on the 4k Mini worth it if I plan on recording in 4k in the future or should I wet my feet with the HD Mini first?

I swear the weasyl CDN has some kinda trouble lately. Takes ages to load pictures. :(

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Though Gogs was an open-source project, its repository was under the control of a single maintainer, limiting the amount of input and speed with which the community could influence the development. Frustrated by this, the Gitea developers began Gitea as a fork of Gogs in November 2016 and established a community-driven model for its development.

In October 2022, the company Gitea Limited was formed by [the founder] to offer paid services. The shift away from a community/non-profit ownership model received some resistance which led to the Forgejo software fork of Gitea.
Wait, did they actually come full circle? That's hilarious

Finally there is a single place to eat we can walk to.

Where the heck are people even getting beta keys for ?

Tired of your audience being spread over multiple sites? Try out the new Social Media Brokers™️!

This advertisement is not for a real product and is meant as satire. Please to not take it seriously.​

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I may be preaching to the choir here, but I just posted this over on the Blue site. I think it's something important for indie creators, event coordinators, and other people looking to reach an audience to consider!

How am I so silly? I thought this was to hot swap slim DVD drives not 2.5" sata drives. Whooops!!! 😂​

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While I want a blu-ray drive I kind of already have one... this supermicro one is hot-swappable and like... I kinda love that. link

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So many devices in such a small server and it's missing a disk drive (still needs to be acquired).

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The new raid has been built successfully!

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I need to add my opinion on the alpine Linux furry mascot PR

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TIL that source code escrow is a thing.

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@frost Tonight seems like a nice night for lunar photography!

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