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Is anyone around here familiar with Black Magic Design's Ultrastudio line?

I'd like to use it to stream input from my gaming consoles and PC at the moment and hope to use one to step up into more advanced cinematography once I get a camera or two.

Can the Ultrastudio line do this kind of stuff? Is spending the extra bit on the 4k Mini worth it if I plan on recording in 4k in the future or should I wet my feet with the HD Mini first?

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Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

Really been enjoying Pokemon Violet these past few days. Just working on training my actual team now from fresh little level 1’s.

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I’m not an infosec expert or anything but I don’t think that’s right

Installed a passthrough wall plate for the some ethernet happening. No more cable on the floor!

I’m surprised I caught a shiny 30 minutes in to playing Pokémon Violet.

sniffles and gets all cuddly in some blankets

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We now have a healthy ecosystem of furry fediverse relays, with and both being open to join requests alongside

Reach out to @asonix and @LeoBurr if you'd like to join these, respectively!

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Barkeep! Make me something complicated with whatever ingredients are the furthest from the cash register!

🐺📸 @RainCoug

#TheBadGuys #Fursuit

I woke up like 4-5 hours early because my throat is sore. Just when I was getting my sleep schedule to wrap around to daylight hours too. Time to be the werewolf that goes bump in the night.

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Servers strain under the load of all the new friends flocking to Mastodon. It costs time and money to run a service like this. Don’t forget to consider supporting your instance operator if you’re in a position to do so!

And maybe offer kind words and scritches to the ones who are into that sort of thing.

(Thank you for the work you do, @sky <3)


I wonder who set of the hashtag for my insurance. :p

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Heyhey! Let's see how this new site goes. I'm NorthCat, a fursuitmaker from Europe #fursuitmaker #fursuit

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Ooh I missed #FursuitFriday but here's Nall anyway. Wild marten in the forest. 🧡
📷 2022

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