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Is anyone around here familiar with Black Magic Design's Ultrastudio line?

I'd like to use it to stream input from my gaming consoles and PC at the moment and hope to use one to step up into more advanced cinematography once I get a camera or two.

Can the Ultrastudio line do this kind of stuff? Is spending the extra bit on the 4k Mini worth it if I plan on recording in 4k in the future or should I wet my feet with the HD Mini first?

Well... came home after picking @foxxy up from work and my computer had shut itself down and now it won’t boot. No more VR for me I guess. 😿

@doxxy has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Just a woyote that is dabbling in streaming. Expect some gaming and occasionally art!

#software #streaming #furry

Thinking of streaming some Beat Saber tonight! I'll probably boost the Owncast toot once it pops up if I do.

I feel like when ordering stuff online I should just expect not getting it anywhere closed to the "promised" date of delivery. So much shit goes "wrong" and normally it's the vendor's fault. Very frustrating.

I'm debating on laying in bed for a while longer instead of being at my computer. What do?

It's hard to do VR when you have a bed taking up your VR space with a small canine on it that doesn't wanna move cause warm.

Had fun learning Among Us last night in VRC. Though I felt bad for everyone when I was an imposter. I couldn't even figure out how to click on people to kill them. xD


After all there is only one nut I wanna bust~ 💦

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The speakers on the Index are like... really good! I also found the knob to adjust the tightness of the headset so I don't feel like a nut about to be cracked.

Best part about the new headset is that the controllers are nicer than my mouse and don't forget that I'm "clicking" something.

So my Valve Index showed up and it's firmware has been updated. Now what do I do?

RoR2 Spoilers 

Aaa, I am now the heretic on RoR2 for the first time. I'm a birb! 🐦

I didn't know filters were case sensitive. That's a little silly.

My filters have failed me yet again! updates them furiously

Shout out to otherkin and therians on the fediverse

I guess I can try to remember to keep a notepad window up and next to my browser until then. nods

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I think a notes section in mastodon web would be neat. Just something I could have under the post section to remind me of which subjects I should CW for friends and people I follow (just in the off chance they might see it).

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