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Is anyone around here familiar with Black Magic Design's Ultrastudio line?

I'd like to use it to stream input from my gaming consoles and PC at the moment and hope to use one to step up into more advanced cinematography once I get a camera or two.

Can the Ultrastudio line do this kind of stuff? Is spending the extra bit on the 4k Mini worth it if I plan on recording in 4k in the future or should I wet my feet with the HD Mini first?

Lots of services are still working internally but I'm noticing a few hiccups here and there that may need some attention. 🛠️

Internet may be down but the animals keep on partying. 🎉

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So I'm in a bug chat on Telegram, and that's pretty much the only place I express my interest in the creatures and I just got an "ad" on MSN recommending me to watch videos on jumping spiders. Like, how the hell would they make that connection without Telegram leaking my private information? grumpy noises

I'm actually somewhat surprised the default mail app in Windows supports S/MIME to some extent. Though I'll have to test out it's capabilities for myself.

Woo. We setup dovecot & postfix to do email things! Next... well there is a lot next. Time to get to work!

Probably going to skip Foxhole tonight and actually get into VR.

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Excitement. New war in is starting in 5 minutes.

I love coming back to Beat Saber after a break and doing really well.

I'm happy. The wall I built last night in still stands. The base now has AI in the pillboxes, and only a little bit of barbed wire fence is missing. 🎉

Finally saw the third installment of How to Train Your Dragon.

It’s somewhat satisfying to see other players using the things you made in game.

Perhaps I need to email AMD for recommendations on software to use with this GPU. I’m starting to think the software side hasn’t caught up yet.

Does anyone around here have any experience using ffmpeg to do video transcodes on windows using AMD hardware? I’d love to rest AV1 encoding on my new GPU but ffmpeg is being mean.

Well we made a simple interface in that generates ecdsa keys using GNUs ssl tools with a button press. Next step is making the function we use to make keys more generic so it can be reused and to write the key to file instead of just displaying it as a label.

I’m pupset now that I’ve learned there was a furmeet down the street from me at a nice park and I didn’t know about it till after it was over. :<

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