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Is anyone around here familiar with Black Magic Design's Ultrastudio line?

I'd like to use it to stream input from my gaming consoles and PC at the moment and hope to use one to step up into more advanced cinematography once I get a camera or two.

Can the Ultrastudio line do this kind of stuff? Is spending the extra bit on the 4k Mini worth it if I plan on recording in 4k in the future or should I wet my feet with the HD Mini first?

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I studied capitalism in college because it was a particular interest of mine. I hated it. I also wanted to understand it, so that I could know why it rubbed me the wrong way and live intentionally to push against it.

There was this moment when I was in a grad course and the professor was talking about self-optimizing markets. That's when it hit me. I literally stood up in the class, interrupted everything and went like "wait, the math isn't optimizing for income inequality". It was kind of funny watching more than 100 little economists in training suddenly start tearing apart the equation at once. You could literally hear the sound of frantic spreadsheeting and charting.

In the end, the professor himself said that it was true, you could achieve a fully "optimized" economy with literally everything being owned by a handful of people. Made me think.

How is a system supposed to be beneficial for us all when the mathematics at its core don't actually consider societal benefit?

If an economy is fully "optimized" but everyone is sick, sad, and angry - is it actually optimal?

A mathematical model can make sense without being sensible. This is why I have an implicit distrust of algorithms and other systems of optimization. It's also why I'm a socialist.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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New shoesies and stuff for work. 👟

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Really enjoying the new games. I poured so much time into SoulSilver shiny hunting and never found one. I have four on violet now.

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Awake time! Really excited to see what progress fox has made with webrtc.

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For posterity - this amazing creator is not on the fediverse (as far as I know) but I wish he was.

"I build little people out of acorns and sticks, then photograph them in the wild with real animals.
Join me as I share my process of building and photographing.
Learn more and buy prints at"

#birds #wildlife #critters

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To celebrate my first 150 followers on here, I'd love to thank you by doing a raffle for you :ankha_hearts: :ankha_hearts: :ankha_hearts:

Prize will be of same quality as the examples in the ad post :ankha_heart:

How to enter:
- Follow this acc
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New followers are welcome!

Ends Feb 15th !

Thanks so much and good luck to everyone ^-^

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Packed up two of my monitors because I believe they are causing system instability with my GPU. Plus side is I have a lot of desk space now.

Kb/s is a unit to measure how hungry someone is as it stands for “Kibble bites per second.”

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