Thread: About Windows 11's high system requirements. You know, a lot of blind people, who don't have jobs, live on social security and disability money, and who definitely don't have the newest computers, won't get Windows 11. This could have been a great chance for Linux to step up and say loud and proud "Because we support every person's ability to choose their system, and use and learn about computers, we will never force upon users what system they must run. And because we stand proudly with people with disabilities, all blind people are welcome in the world of free and open source software, where they can learn and create just like everyone else."

But no. Gnome, one of the most popular desktops on Linux, is trash with accessibility. KDE is working on it, but that'll take years. Who's ever heard of Mate? And who makes current software for the command line, for users and not other developers?

I mean, we've got a lot of great programmers who are blind. On Windows. Yeah some may try Linux, and a few may stick with it *despite* its accessibility bullcrap. But most are on Windows. Two of them have recently created [this Twitter client]( in Python, I believe. Look at this. Imagine all these programmers, helping out with Linux. But they don't. Why? Because Linux folks don't give a crap about us. So yeah, we stick with the giant evil corpse that, oh my gosh, actually has enough accessibility to where we can be somewhat productive. When you use Linux, be thankful that you have working eyes to see that beautiful KDE interface, or that animation that let's you know that your code has built successfully, or that QT program that Orca will never work with.


@devinprater This post makes me want to check out Elementary OS again to see what they have implemented for the blind. They seem to tout lots of accessibility options so I may need disappointed if I don’t find anything.

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