So the Radeon Pro WX 3100 can technically run VR. I get single digit frames in Neos but hey that's half the fun right?

I'm honestly surprised I got that considering it's an older half height GPU with a blower fan in it and it's not designed to go fast in the first place.

@doxxy Oh neat! single-digit frames make you sick?

@doxxy Oh nice. :3

Wonder how that card compares to our laptop's graphics and to our extremely wimpy CPU's integrated graphics (which we haven't gotten a chance to try yet).

@IceWolf It's about equivalent to an RX 6900 in 1080p gaming but falls off in 4k. It's a workstation class GPU, hence the crazy amount of GDDR6.

@doxxy Ohh neat!

...6900... we have absolutely no idea how old that is. >,,> Is that a relatively recent one, or some super old line?

Our laptop's a "Radeon Pro 560", despite the name it's a laptop card I _think_.

@IceWolf The RX 6900 XT is the current top gaming AMD GPU. :3

The WX3100 is actually close to a RX550 in power.

@doxxy Ohhh! :3

Huh. Sounds like it's still better than ours. Hecking laptops.

We want a 580, supposedly they can do VR IWRC.

@IceWolf Yeah, mobile chips to tend to be a bit slower. Then again the WX is slower than it's counterpart gaming chip since the normal gaming variant is full height and has better cooling. x3

@doxxy Oh huh! That makes total sense.

Kinda curious how it'd do for Blender. :3

@IceWolf I tried running the classroom benchmark and well... the GPU failed xD

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