I had a pleasant call on my braveheart edition earlier. I used my computer headset for the call and even though I only had mono audio it was a really clear call as far as the audio quality was concerned.

@doxxy How's the pinephone feeling to use, for y'all? We have one and it just feels unbearably sluggish at basic UI stuff. But we're also running KDE on it.

@IceWolf We're using majaro with posh right now. It runs as I'd expect a device with 2GB of ram in it to run. Also considering the state of the software when we first got it and how it works now it's amazing.

I can actually take pictures, send text messages, make phone calls, and use cellular data. All I needed was a phone that could make phone calls so this was an upgrade over my last since AT&T no longer supports phones without voLTE.

@IceWolf I am interested in getting a pinephone pro or at least the loraWAN case for my current braveheart.

@doxxy Yeah, we want a pro ourselves, hopefully it'll fix the performance since that's most of the issue we have with it right now (well the software is a bit buggy, but that'll improve).

@IceWolf It's a low bandwidth long range protocol thingy!

I'd love to setup like a lorawan router at home and be able to hit things on my home network from father away without relying on the internet.

@IceWolf Not sure if the pro will be too much faster but it might help!

@doxxy Nice!

Wonder if phosh is faster. Also wonder if we're overexpecting – we have no idea how to compare RAM to performance though, since we grew up on iPhones and those just don't seem to /have/ public RAM specs AFAWK. >,,> Or at least not advertised, I think.

@IceWolf Not sure. I think that I managed to have my expectations in the right place for this phone. I know I'm compromising stability / speed right now to help support an ecosystem I believe in.

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