This article on how to reduce noise for photographs:

"Use smaller ISO and longer exposure times."

"Also beware using longer exposure times."

Meanwhile I'm cranking the ISO to max!

@doxxy Whee!

Longer exposure and lower ISO actually works great for reducing /noise/, but increases /blur/.

@doxxy If you have long enough exposures, camera shake starts to become a problem.

@doxxy oh!! or d'you mean 'it's blurry so it must be a fast photo'? Oops!

@IceWolf I tried manual settings and made a fully black image! :D

@doxxy Hah! :3

(if you don't know how the different settings interact, we can help with that!)

@IceWolf I've only got basic clues right now. I'm trying to identify which thingy and how to change it right now.

I found ISO, Shutter Speed, and fstops (can't remember what fstops do)

@doxxy fstops is aperture! i.e. how wide open the light hole is.

– ISO is the amplification of the sensor: turn it up, get brighter but noisier images.
– Shutter speed is, well, shutter speed. If it's faster (1/higher numbers), you get a dimmer picture, but less blur, and vice versa.
– (The photo is effectively an /overlay/ of a bunch of instantaneous captures, so moving the camera while it's taking a photo blurs the picture. Really long exposures get you things like star trails, but you better grab a tripod for that.)
– Aperture: wider aperture – LOWER f-stop numbers, for some reason – gets you more light, and also more depth-of-field background/foreground blur!

@IceWolf Ooo. So low number for aperature is better for low light maybe? I kind of played with the settings a bit in my not so well-lit room so am gonna see how this photo turned out.

@doxxy Yellow? *blinks, amused whuffs* Check your white balance.

If you're shooting in RAW white balance doesn't matter for later, you can fix it in post, but still.

food-adjacent? definitely kinda silly 

@doxxy Raw images, all the tastier! *licks fangs*

re: food-adjacent? definitely kinda silly 

@IceWolf I'm sure robowoof thinks so.

re: food-adjacent? definitely kinda silly 

@doxxy *beeps* :mechwolf_white:

(...I mean, I just said I did? I don't really get the point >,,>)
(unless it was just to point out that I'm a robowoof, in which case *beep*)

@IceWolf I just realized I wasn't following you. I was confused when you didn't show up in my timeline but you did in my notifications.

@IceWolf So I did a series with different shutter speeds and got a nice one that isn't yellow! Now to see if I'm happy with the grains in RawTherapy. x3

@IceWolf Whuh! Messing with white balance and the yellow is gone!

@doxxy Figured! Bet the camera's auto-white-balance just got confused. :3

@doxxy The camera's white balance setting doesn't affect the RAW data at ALL.

@doxxy Yeah, for low light you want low f-stop number, as long a shutter speed you can manage but watch out for blur, and as low an ISO as you can manage but you'll probably need to crank it up to get good exposure!

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