@kayden くすくすくす! Already surpassed my knowledge of Japanese! I need to get back to my kana tests! 🐱

@doxxy@social.critter.camp you'll get there 💪 just know kana is the first step of many >w<

@kayden I had them all down at some point but a lack of practice has bonked me down to not knowing again.

I was so excited to start trying to learn basic words again! 😖

@doxxy@social.critter.camp do it >:3
do you know how to write them? learning the stroke orders and practicing writing the entire chart out helped me commit them to memory a lot better :3

@kayden I did stroke order when learning my kanas but that was over a year ago. x3

@doxxy@social.critter.camp i'm sure it's in your brain somewhere, take some time every day to try to recall the entire chart
usually i do
あいうえお アイウエオ

and just fill out all the hiragana and katakana. katakana is still slightly rusty for me but i have it down for the most part hehe

@kayden Yiss. Katakana was my weak point. Hiragana were just so much easier for me.

@doxxy@social.critter.camp also, after you get down the kana, try to YomiChan browser extension, I use it a lot-it's basically a Japanese-English dictionary you hold shift to lookup any japanese word you see, especially useful for Kanji which i don't even pretend to understand @w@

@kayden I think I can recognize like... two kanji and it's these two: 元気

Don't ask me what they are. I just know they make up ogenkidesuka (watch me make an error here)

@doxxy@social.critter.camp nope, that's right
元(ゲン): origin
気(き): energy
kanji are soo complicated but you just chip away at it... all the different meaning and words

@kayden Yes! There are a few nuggets of japanese knowledge rattling around in my brain then!

@kayden It's nice seeing some Japanese in my timelines though. Might give me some energy to get back into trying to learn it.

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