@doxxy @foxxy !!! We were hoping someone would pick that up and keep it alive, did NOT expect someone someones we know knows to be the one to do it!


@frostwolf @foxxy Not sure how long he'll be able to keep it alive but I really like visualscript. It was disappointing to learn that the Godot project wasn't going to support it in an official capacity.

@doxxy @foxxy Yeah, visualscript is an awesome concept (not sure we ever got far enough in Godot to try it, but we liked Unreal's blueprints), 'specially since we hate the indentation-has-meaning of GDScript!

@frostwolf @foxxy I remember having a bit of fun making example visualscript files to show off to others in the godot project we are working on.

@frostwolf Though now that I look at this. It can be simplified with the new Godot 4 things for movement.

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