Sidenote: I need to find an app for my phone or make one, so I can do mastodon things on the go.

@frostwolf My pinephone can't webbrowser unless it's elinks. xD

@frostwolf Firefox will like... load a page then just become unresponsive. Sooo kinda painful. x3

@doxxy oof. yeah, we mostly stuck to Angelfish and even that wasn't great

Pinephone is SLOOOOW.

@frostwolf It's pretty slow, yeah. Though it runs Nheko just fine and Telegram (okay). So it does what I need it to for the most part.

@frostwolf I do enjoy doing light word processing on it with terminal apps such as elinks / wordgrinder.

@doxxy oo, nice!

Plasma Mobile's terminal had a broken control/etc. keys bar last we tried to use it, which made any terminal stuff Really annoying >,,>

a physical keyboard would help immensely with that though!

@frostwolf Am running... uhh... majaro arm with phosh on top! I want to run postmarket OS but I can't get it moving.

I have a keyboard case coming in the mail soon. Been waiting weeks on shipping x.x

@doxxy oo nice! and oof on shipping.

We've got postmarket OS on ours right now. :3 The fact that the installer supports disk encryption is REALLY nice.

@frostwolf Gimme! I was actually going to try installing the pinephone postmarketos onto my sopine A64 compute modules cause like... I really want Alpine linux on those but it's so hard qwq

@doxxy hecc!

haha we're actually super annoyed by Alpine. We don't /want/ minimal to the point of no MAN PAGES on a desktop system!

@frostwolf Fair fair! I'm just fed up with the +layers+ everywhere else.

@doxxy honestly I think OpenBSD is actually a pretty good refuge from all the complexity

dunno about its finding extra software situation though.

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