Might be moving time soon!

@frost Probably over to vore.boutique or gremlin.party when setup again.

@frost Nah. We don't have the money for that. XD

@doxxy Virtual moving wise, we're planning on migrating our VPS today, ourselves!

@doxxy I wish! :3

(in case you actually don't know, I mean the "cloud" server we run our mail on and bounce website connections through)

@frost I had to use a VPS to tunnel everything for our server through since we didn't have access to the router at our last place. They can be useful.

@doxxy Yep, that is /exactly/ the reason we got ours! blugh.

Apparently our VPS provider (Chunkhost) is dying and it's surprisingly hard to find a new one. 99% of them have really weird "don't run this or that" and/or """morality""" clauses (ugh) in their TOSes.

Planning on going with Racknerd, they don't seem to have that shit. Anything over their base tier is like $20 a month though.

@frost There was one foxxo was looking at that sounded nice. Can't recall the name. @foxxy ??

@doxxy @foxxy Oh hey, Racknerd DOES have more normal plans. $9 a month for their Ryzen VPS (dunno why we'd care what CPU brand they have, but whatever).

@doxxy @foxxy ...looks like only on their LA datacenter though? Why claim you offer VPS services in Amsterdam if you won't let us pick it?? *baffled wolf face*

@doxxy @foxxy (still talking Racknerd stuff)

Huh. I did the popup-talk-with-support-chat thingy, and... apparently they can sell out of VPSes at a given location? Huh? That's weird.

But it sounds like we can talk to support to move datacenters later if a slot opens up.

Also we cannot do monthly billing and then switch to yearly later, unless we talk to support which sounds like a hassle. So yeah guess we're paying $32 instead of $9, and Committing™.

(doing their ryzen plan instead of their cheapest $22 a year plan, because we get 2TB bandwidth, 20GB storage and 1GB RAM that way, it's more equivalent to what we had with chunkhost.)

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