Mmph... Tough work day and feeling suboptimal after vaccines.

@frost I am quite ready to go home. I just want to play some Terraria.

@frost That could be fun. It's been a long time since I've played and never beat it before.

@doxxy *waag!* new world time then!

I can duplicate and drop off wolf TF necklaces from our singleplayer world =^.^=

@doxxy *boofs* wanna try tonight? (no pressure to though, of course!) :3

@frost Oh! We're playing currently through steam ^

@doxxy oh!

uh, are we steam friends? I guess not?

I can make a steam friend invite link :3

(did you just start? aa!)

@doxxy also we can start a world and host by IP if you want! actually on our domain because it goes to our desktop anyway :3

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