Don't think I can't see you up there. My camera has a zoom function.

A little moment from playing briefly last night with a friend. Took on an enemy HAC with some infantry and it worked out perfectly.

This is pretty big for me. Godot 4.X will support multiple native windows in a single application.

One example I can think of that I've wanted out of a lot of games is the ability to take the in-game map and make it a separate window so I can put it on another display.


I've come up with a design for some kind of infrastructure between bases/factories. It's on a 8x8 frame floor. 4x8 is used for a catwalk, the other 4x8 has room for two belts. With walls added you can squeeze a pipeline in and a roof plus the roof caps off with rails.

Here is probably the best image I took of the blood moon this evening.

A big moth 

There has been a big cute moth on my doorstep for almost a day now. It's cold outside and I wanna warm it but I'm choosing to leave it alone for now.

Here is a couple of images from my practice today. I wanted to get better at using manual settings on my camera to hopefully reduce graininess in the end products. Taken with a using an AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens.

Here is a photo that's way to big because our masto instance doesn's support webp. :3

I love for all the cute little outfits I can dress up in.

Thought this was really cute. It reminds me of how I feel when I play

Got my SBC / Cluster workspace started going as well. I need to setup a small router for it and tidy cables though.

Cleaned up around my desk and feels a lot nicer with the cables tidied. :3

Photos are all done processing now. Here are some of my favorites from the bunch. I've got there rest shared on my nextcloud which you can find her if you're interested.

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