I had a pretty good time at this weekend. Went every day and suited for 3/4 of them! If anyone snapped photos of my suit, Jaide, I'd love to see them!

Thought I'd share an updated photo of my computer desk area. @foxxy made me some brackets to hold my monitor on the wall and it's so flush!

A photo I took the other day. Mostly just wanted to post a picture I could caption. :3

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uwu… if you say so >w<

Fonts are pretty.

Font is Moonless-SC Designed by: Franzi Draws

Wanted to take some photos before the last light of 2022 was gone in my region. I enjoyed this one the most.


Some of my bean's beans. Careful they're fruity and smell of apples / dragon fruit!

Another reference picture. This time of the dev server. Though I'll remember to bookmark this thread this time!

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@owashii I found out last night there was a cute borgi sprite I could use for my synthetic character and I love it.

Zorua is so cute. Felt like doodling. Thankfully I can do that in mastodon with my mouse. x3

Don't think I can't see you up there. My camera has a zoom function.

A little moment from playing briefly last night with a friend. Took on an enemy HAC with some infantry and it worked out perfectly.

This is pretty big for me. Godot 4.X will support multiple native windows in a single application.

One example I can think of that I've wanted out of a lot of games is the ability to take the in-game map and make it a separate window so I can put it on another display.


I've come up with a design for some kind of infrastructure between bases/factories. It's on a 8x8 frame floor. 4x8 is used for a catwalk, the other 4x8 has room for two belts. With walls added you can squeeze a pipeline in and a roof plus the roof caps off with rails.

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