TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!!!  starts at 8pm! Clear the living room floor and grab the glow sticks because DJs Nullstrukt, RyuJin, Spike Papp, and F3nn are going to make you move your paws! Join us and other furs on Mixcloud tonight for a night of music and dance!

Even though I was getting single digit frames I was still able to take a decent picture of myself. -- 🦦

Cleaned the bedroom and rearranged the desks. Now there is a lot more space for VR and I'm super happy.

When did minesweeper get so chonk? Someone needs to walk that thing more.

Had a two hour black out last night. That means portable monitor with battery, lamp on a UPS, and switch games. Only house on the block that looked unaffected. :3

Found a monitor tossed out into a field. Cleaned it up and found out it works just fine. What a nice thing to happen on my last day working at this company.

I’m in bed and ready for some light gaming before sleep.

VR Chat, New PC Update 

Well I got a new laptop this morning to replace the NUC (RIP) and my trackers came so I jumped in VR Chat and well... it works!

So I went out and got a new camera lens today kind of on a whim. I'm liking it though. Here is a photo of my pup.

VR Chat 

I gotta work harder on fixing this problem I'm having with VR Chat. It might be a bug or something.

Hmm, hope Valve isn't trolling me with shipping dates.

Went on a walk during my break and took a

I think this one came out pretty well considering how bad my phone is at

re: Sysadmin Short Story, maybe scary 

Also it's a true story.

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Photo of a 🐶 

I love how Snow pokes her head out from under the covers when she sleeps in bed with me.

Since I'm dumb and don't know how to take screenshots from the YaST installer I just used my bad phone. :x

Text is tiiiiny! <3

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