Was thinking of making a world that follows along with the Toki Pona book. These are the words from Lesson 2. I was thinking of also having objects attached to the words to help with visualizing things.

While I want a blu-ray drive I kind of already have one... this supermicro one is hot-swappable and like... I kinda love that. link

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So many devices in such a small server and it's missing a disk drive (still needs to be acquired).

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It looks nice with a shroud and grill. Cute little 60mm CPU cooler.

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Whoa! Wolfsbane looks so happy cuddling these animals on this variant cover!

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I'm feeling nostalgic. Time to play some neopets on my 5:4

@Tika Triple batched orders aren't real. They can't hurt you.

Shameless Plug 

I don't know of any cork plugs that can show shame.

Cozy Dev server space. I even have a floor chair if I need it.

Just in case anyone was interested this is my progress so far.

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I had a pretty good time at this weekend. Went every day and suited for 3/4 of them! If anyone snapped photos of my suit, Jaide, I'd love to see them!

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