TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!!!  starts at 8pm! Clear the living room floor and grab the glow sticks because DJs Nullstrukt, RyuJin, Spike Papp, and F3nn are going to make you move your paws! Join us and other furs on Mixcloud tonight for a night of music and dance!

The Awtter Avatar is currently celebrating it's 1yr anniversary. It's 30% off on Gumroad right now with the code oneyear and I'm hosting a world in Neos to help celebrate. πŸŽ‰

One of the more interesting things I can think of back when I worked for West Air was how I got FedEx to use a VPN I helped setup to access documents on a locally hosted Nextcloud instance that I also helped setup.

Like Nextcloud just worked and there weren't any complaints. I just told them how to get onto it and things just worked. It was actually nice working with FedEx.

re: kink stuff (paws) 

@artemis Why not cover each other's muzzles with your paws?

@IceWolf Generally, yuh. I’m using the butter for mine. :3

Great. I'm making garlic bread now. πŸ§„πŸž

I'm thinking of creating a new system account for ourselves.

Woo. I renewed the cert for my funkwhale instance. I'm getting better at this! πŸ”

re: kink stuff (paws, food ment.) 

@owashii Now I want it. Where are paw service dogs now? I need them in my apartment asap. x3

asap... sap... syrup. Does syrup and paws go together as a breakfast substitute?

re: kink stuff (paws, food ment.) 

@owashii Paws dripping in hot garlic sauce~ Now I can't stop thinking of them and the mess that will need to be cleaned up.

@IceWolf They certainly give me inspiration to add along with all the beautiful artifice made by others on Kaladesh.

re: kink stuff (paws, food ment.) 

@owashii I think a soft garlic butter/oil spread onto beans for the licking up would be huff. It's like almost combining my love of hot wax on paws and having my paws lapped over with a tongue.

re: subtoot (+, harmless intentions), food ment. 

@IceWolf @owashii I actually woke up this morning thinking of making some garlic bread... xD

re: kink stuff (paws, food ment.) 

@owashii >///>

@clarjon1 That's great! I wanted to do some RPG stuff with websockets but then again I've been learning so much stuff this month that what I want to do keeps changing. >w<

@clarjon1 It really is. Are you doing anything for MMC? :3

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