I swear the weasyl CDN has some kinda trouble lately. Takes ages to load pictures. :(

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Though Gogs was an open-source project, its repository was under the control of a single maintainer, limiting the amount of input and speed with which the community could influence the development. Frustrated by this, the Gitea developers began Gitea as a fork of Gogs in November 2016 and established a community-driven model for its development.

In October 2022, the company Gitea Limited was formed by [the founder] to offer paid services. The shift away from a community/non-profit ownership model received some resistance which led to the Forgejo software fork of Gitea.
Wait, did they actually come full circle? That's hilarious

@finny Telegram has a way to export chat history. I've done it a few times. Hopefully the macbook version is a high enough version for the feature.


Finally there is a single place to eat we can walk to.

Where the heck are people even getting beta keys for ?

Tired of your audience being spread over multiple sites? Try out the new Social Media Brokers™️!

This advertisement is not for a real product and is meant as satire. Please to not take it seriously.​

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I may be preaching to the choir here, but I just posted this over on the Blue site. I think it's something important for indie creators, event coordinators, and other people looking to reach an audience to consider!

How am I so silly? I thought this was to hot swap slim DVD drives not 2.5" sata drives. Whooops!!! 😂​

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While I want a blu-ray drive I kind of already have one... this supermicro one is hot-swappable and like... I kinda love that. link

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@lobo My favorite kinda answers honestly! The normal and hinged answers tend to hurt my little woyote brain.

@lobo Yess... yess... generate all the static sites. ⚡

If only so I can ask you questions about them as I make my own. :3c

re: covid-19 

@finny Oh bluh. You too? I showed up for my vaccine appointment today but they told me they ran out.

So many devices in such a small server and it's missing a disk drive (still needs to be acquired).

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