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@frostwolf I do enjoy doing light word processing on it with terminal apps such as elinks / wordgrinder.

@frostwolf It's pretty slow, yeah. Though it runs Nheko just fine and Telegram (okay). So it does what I need it to for the most part.

@frostwolf Firefox will like... load a page then just become unresponsive. Sooo kinda painful. x3

re: Fursuit 

@Toddrick Very cute! I think I saw you a few times as well! Hope your con went well. 😸

Desert awooed
Desert awooed

@frostwolf My pinephone can't webbrowser unless it's elinks. xD

@Aetous Ooo. Is this done in the new Godot 4.0? :0

Sidenote: I need to find an app for my phone or make one, so I can do mastodon things on the go.

I had a pretty good time at this weekend. Went every day and suited for 3/4 of them! If anyone snapped photos of my suit, Jaide, I'd love to see them!

Desert awooed
Desert awooed

Gonna be bouncing around in a little bit at #FE2023! Come say hi!
📷= Sapphire Husky
#furry #fursuit #FursuitEveryday


Day three of for me today. Leaving Jaide at home so they can air out after two days of suiting.

Hope to bump into some friendly faces from the fediverse there! <3

Desert awooed

TFF 2023 artist alley 

Open in the artist alley at TFF today. Next to @utunu who has his first novel out.

Desert awooed

Day 2 of #TFF2023 ! Come buy some books! I’m at the FurPlanet table all day and then talking about Historical Fiction with Rukis at 6:30!

@animalshapes I forgots to swing back again after saying hewwo. Today I brought a backpack so no excuses! x3

Desert awooed
Desert awooed

commission for Dezerea
this one was a bit of a challenge for me but its nice to challenge yourself from time to time

#MastoArt #art

Desert awooed

Dealers room at #TexasFurryFiesta opens at 11am! Find me at table C14! Sketch commissions, con badge pick-ups, and “My Bigger Boyfriend” books, buttons, stickers and magnets! Stop by and say hi! ❤️ #mybiggerboyfriend

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