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@OtterlyOliver: I was the purple fennec fox, Jaide. Though when you were running around I wasn't in suit I think. Sat was my photography day!

Desert awooed

First photo shoot with my full suit!!! I literally finished the suit at 2:45 am Friday morning and drove down to TFF at 9am. Such an amazing con, I made lots of new friends. More pics will be posted soon!

#otter #furry #fursuit #fursuiter #purple #OtterlyOliver #tff #tff2023 #Texas #texasfurryfiesta #texasfurryfiesta2023

@OtterlyOliver Aaa! You're one of the otters I took photos of! I had a lot of fun on Saturday photographing all the cute squeakers. Once I get my photos all edited that I took of your suit I can send them your way if you'd like. (plus raw images as well of course)

Chromium doesn;t like rendering text on my pinephone. xD

@Aetous Not having fun with the new milestone? So many thingies changed I have to catch up on when I have time.

Now I must rest. For tomorrow is another day slaving away at Walmart.

@oaktal This is my first successful conversation in toki pona I think. πŸ’―

Desert awooed

Daily sketches: werewolf date!
This one started as blobs of random brush strokes from me testing a tablet pressure sensitivity curve for this particular sets of brushes. And evolved into this. :blobcatgoogly:

I like these "dry and wet" brushes! I have always felt they are a little too unpredictable to use on commissioned work but i like the loosy goosy feel they have!

#mastoart #dailysketches #anthro #furryart #furry #werewolf

Desert awooed

First time opening commissions through this medium!
Full figure, fully rendered, character illustration:
*Monochrome: 1 character with simple background at $60 dollars
*Full color: 1 character with simple background at $100 dollars
For more information, to Ask for extras or NSFW options :revblobfoxterrified: Contact at:
Gallery and info at:

#commission #commissionsopen #furry #furryart #mastoart #art

re: affection 

@frostwolf tiredly flops against and squeaks -- 🦦

@frostwolf Fair fair! I'm just fed up with the +layers+ everywhere else.

@frostwolf Gimme! I was actually going to try installing the pinephone postmarketos onto my sopine A64 compute modules cause like... I really want Alpine linux on those but it's so hard qwq

@frostwolf Am running... uhh... majaro arm with phosh on top! I want to run postmarket OS but I can't get it moving.

I have a keyboard case coming in the mail soon. Been waiting weeks on shipping x.x

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