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Desert awooed
Desert awooed

Hey I'm BlueHunter,
an artist that loves character design, animals in robes or armor & stained glass art. Interested in freelance & contract work 🍷

Most of my work you'll find here is dedicated to my medieval headworld "in Nomine", the other half are commissions.

Trying to slowly establish myself on here as well.

Desert awooed
Desert awooed

Happy #FursuitFriday! What do you think, did I Ace this outfit? X3

Desert awooed

A new AI dataset scraped some of my old models from sketchfab. An example of the gross shit underpinning AI. This is the "ethical" version.

These models were free to download under Creative Commons - Attribution.

Of course, scraping a million CC models and putting them in a new database sucks, but it isn't illegal in-and-of-itself (unless Sketchfab's TOS disallows it).

The AIs that use this dataset aren't going to give attribution, of course.

#ai #art #gamedev

Desert awooed

My shop is back from vacation! All stickers and pins are currently in stock if you missed them at TFF. ✨


drools Uhh... h-hello there. eyes the Spitz AX from GLiNet

Welp. High likelyhood my mobo is bad. I've moved the components onto a spare but... phew... a J4105 isn't exactly a workhorse. This sounds fun. I'll ned to see whatcha looking for when I get home.

Desert awooed

I am a nerd, Swiss edition.
This my friends is not an ordinary radio… it receives 6 stations over the telephone line!
It was designed for the Swiss mountains that did receive telephone lines early but struggled with AM reception. This modulates the signal over those lines so people had radio 🥰

Bwuhaha. A post from my where I can read the text.

Woo. Tuba runs on my pinephone pretty well.

I wanna get to these photos. Maybe I can work on them tonight since it's my friday and I'm not as sick anymore.

... ... ... on a pinephone braveheart. Time to fry some eggies.

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Tuba, nooo. Flatpak? Why?

Time to compile this shizz from source >:v

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