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Desert awooed

I think it's fun to do things in the command line. Like, making cute little reports in R lang, then prettying them up with markdown, and converting them to PDFs with pandoc. Even better if I have a printer than can print them out after. It's satisfying to go from some stuff in a CLI to a pretty document I can hold.

Had fun streaming Earthblood and will stream more tomorrow. Found out I'm not the best at being stealthy but smashing Endron employees... that's something I can do!

Desert awooed

@doxxy has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Just a woyote that is dabbling in streaming. Expect some gaming and occasional art!

#software #streaming #games #furry #leagueoflegends #beatsaber

Desert awooed

3 avatars I got done today! (which all have different shading styles I've just realized lmao)

Vore Mention 

How do I remember it? Well qm8h in my head is "Queer Mice Ate Him" x3

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So I've moved over to using a new handle most places and it's the punycode for Desert, xn--qm8h. I love the little mnemonic for memorizing the code is.

Does anyone here have any experience with the new Radeon Pro GPUs? Can they run games at all? I only ask since they seem to actually be purchasable at MSRP.

No Man's Sky was on sale over on GOG. Yay. I can finally try it out. 🎉

Thinking of starting up a stream here soon. Going to be playing Werewolf the Apocalypse: Earthblood. howls

I got a Kindle with the ads on it because it was all they had. I'm tempted to buy silly things on Amazon or something just to see if I can rig the ads to be silly things.

Mmm, these blankets are nice. Until a fuzzie falls on my screen and startles me. Though I did have a laugh about it after.

Thinking of picking up an e-reader today.

Desert awooed

you ever go to a drive-thru and put your food on the seat next to you and the little dashboard light pops on like “woah buddy, need a seatbelt for that passenger” and it’s like

don’t fucking judge me you live in my garage

Desert awooed

Did a thing for a portfolio and some artstation cred so of course it got ignored on there :D

Gonna try to do some more modeling today to prepare for

I caught myself last night trying to pet someone on my monitor when I had launched Neos in desktop mode. >w<

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