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We're all on a storage space optimization kick right now.

When did minesweeper get so chonk? Someone needs to walk that thing more.

Slice of meat and brushed teeth. I’m feeling better.

Therian Stuff 

Wolf and otter also want to play right now.

So warm. I want to sleep but my mind is fixated on someone right now.

Anyone know of a way to use .webp files in Blender?

Ugh, what happened to my good night? Things turned to crap really quick.

Desert awooed

I think I might have an idea for the metaverse maker's competition now. I'll try and find a nice interactive way to learn japanese kana. It will be a nice refresher for myself and could potentially help other critters out who want to learn.

It's time for us to be awake. Feels like today will be nice.

Desert awooed

Also one of the parts in Earthblood made me all kinds of sad. :<

Desert awooed

I think it's fun to do things in the command line. Like, making cute little reports in R lang, then prettying them up with markdown, and converting them to PDFs with pandoc. Even better if I have a printer than can print them out after. It's satisfying to go from some stuff in a CLI to a pretty document I can hold.

Had fun streaming Earthblood and will stream more tomorrow. Found out I'm not the best at being stealthy but smashing Endron employees... that's something I can do!

Desert awooed

@doxxy has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Just a woyote that is dabbling in streaming. Expect some gaming and occasional art!

#software #streaming #games #furry #leagueoflegends #beatsaber

Desert awooed

3 avatars I got done today! (which all have different shading styles I've just realized lmao)

Vore Mention 

How do I remember it? Well qm8h in my head is "Queer Mice Ate Him" x3

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