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Desert awooed

These biscuits are strange. They leave an aftertaste of celery.

@foxxy It disables some of the more painful visual/audio effects. Well it has toggles to do so!

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Here is a photo that's way to big because our masto instance doesn's support webp. :3

Me to my four legged companion, "Why are you so anxious?"

Seconds before stubbing my pinky toe on the couch

Time for some more reading today. Maybe I'll watch that new Bad Guys movies later with @foxxy

I’ve been reading a book on git lately. I am quite enjoying it.

I'm simple. I see coyote. I follow coyote. I try and hug coyote

Aaa. I'm getting some new art from Soot again! <3

Masto seems to be working well again on my side. Yay.

I wish folks would be upfront about stuff so I don't get hurt over their mistakes.

I started tracking my time in SS13. I play it a lot.

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