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Don't think I can't see you up there. My camera has a zoom function.

We did it! All tier 8 milestones in have been unlocked.

The local grey kitty is visiting the porch. It's sunbathing time.

The only good thing that came out of my trip to the DMV is it may have given me enough rage to write a short story.

@doxxy: Oh, I was incorrect. Apparently the next available appointment is in three months, not two. Imagine waiting 5 months to get your State ID. Also consider they don't allow walk in appointments.

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Texas DMV 

Hmm... well at least one of us got State ID things from Texas. Apparently a pile of documents from the government with your address on them isn't sufficient to prove you live some place but a receipt for lawn service is.

A little moment from playing briefly last night with a friend. Took on an enemy HAC with some infantry and it worked out perfectly.

Guh, the Asrock A380 is $140!? So tempting since I wanna transcode more stuff using AV1. D:

Owncast has been updated. Now it can do fediverse stuff.

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NSFW, Porn 

Heyo! I'm a new artist here. I have a lot of cool stuff to share, and I look forward to having you around~

Mr. Wolf on his car~ See anything you like? He'll be your good boy.

#nsfw #canine #mrwolf #male #car #pinup #shoes #dressclothes

Whew… my timeline got me a little riled up. πŸ˜…

Yay. I can make posts from my ipod again.

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uspol, vore 

US-American friends, do your civic duty today!

My interest in seems to be going up again.

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