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Desert awooed

Why are ethics questions always like:
"is it ethical to steal bread to feed your starving family?"

And not:
"is it ethical to sell bread when families are starving?"

Desert awooed
Desert awooed

A good witchy-vibe piece for my friend Accalia! Such a gorgeous gal, another of my fave pieces ❤
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Fonts are pretty.

Font is Moonless-SC Designed by: Franzi Draws

Desert awooed
Desert awooed
Desert awooed

What? Luxray can see through objects? Kinky. :3c

Ugh. Ultraballs have such a crap catch chance xD

Anyone wanna trade mons? I’m on pokemon Violet.

Sleep for 2.5 hours.
Body: Yeah, that's enough
Brain: Why? D:
Body: Donuts!!!

Desert awooed
Desert awooed
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