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Think I'm done with RP for a while x.x

Desert awooed

Awoo. Today I might try to get a matrix client working on my pinephone since Fractal stopped working.

Thought I'd share an updated photo of my computer desk area. @foxxy made me some brackets to hold my monitor on the wall and it's so flush!

Desert awooed

lol, a way to bypass the Microsoft account requirement in Windows 11 - type username, any password, and it bumps you to local account creation.

Desert awooed

Just a reminder: free grocery pickup isn't free.

Well my iPod died last night. No more Mastodon at work I guess. :(

I was thinking my lupus garou character might come from a wolf sanctuary:3

Desert awooed

I'm taking $25 bust sketches, drop me a line if you're interested! 😀

Shares are very appreciated!

A photo I took the other day. Mostly just wanted to post a picture I could caption. :3

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con badge promo, some muscle, macro, donuts 

Heyas! @TexasFurryFiesta is coming up in March … and badge pre-orders for con pick-up are officially open! I'll be doing Standard, Premium, Kaiju, Big Guy and Colossal Guy badges … and also these 2-sided badges, great for different personality aspects or for transformations! Get 'em while you can!

Info & order form:

#furry #badge #conbadge #kaiju #tff2023

A coworker said I was outgoing but I sure don’t feel it. xD

Desert awooed

I feel like webapps for “requires x browser” were made by shitty devs that were paid to be extra evil.

I just need to update my freaking W4 and it just won’t. Not even using the “required” browser.

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