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Desert awooed

A Seattle twist on the Little Free Library. It’s a “Little Free Art Gallery” with mini art works by local artists (by artist Stacy Milrany)
#art #artist

I need my toki pona books from the library but it's like... 5 footsteps away Dx

Pfft. When I went to pick up my grocery order I peeked in the door instead of calling, cause you know, I work here. A customer parked next to me yelled, "You're supposed to call the number." I laughed to myself and told them I work here. I wish more customers would call when they get here since quite a few wait outside thinking they got checked in when they didn't.

Huh. They destroyed that candy. Maybe I should have put more in the bowl. XD

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Kinda fun watching people pick at the candy bowl for the things they want.

Desert awooed

Brave of them to name their store after the one circumstance in which you do not need their store

Desert awooed
Desert awooed

messing around with the emoji mixer again

space fox space fox space fox

Desert awooed

🎁 The week of giveaways has started! Today I’m giving out a bunch of ebook download codes. To enter today’s raffle:

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Winners announced on release day, October 10. More giveaways happening every day till then. Good luck!

Desert awooed

Whatever that customer was smoking like... Fucked my lungs up.

Feeling snackish. Need me some munchies!

A high of 20C on Saturday? I'll be going from shorts to pants real fast it seems.

...just need to get the Linux version to like, actually launch.

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Ceiling fans and beat saber don't mix. I really wanna play the foxxy song though.

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