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One's options are:

  • Preemptively ask others to cw
  • Reply to the post asking to cw or hashtag
  • Speak more loudly about how the correct price for Minecraft is $0 → this will lead to infinite noise when both sides talk over each other.
  • Block the user → wrong because now only the blocker knows about the issue, and now both parties can no longer participate in mutual aid, organize, educate, share critical information, or protect each other. Silence is death.
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cw meta, politics, Minecraft 

Sincerely, please lease remember to cw or invent a hashtag for complaining that your Minecraft was stolen (or whatever).

Warning: I will not be blocking you.

I don't care that language "evolves" over time... I do not ever want to be in a situation where I've planned to play "Minecraft" with someone but then I show up and it turns out that by "Minecraft" they actually mean "give money and/or stan for some fascist that supports shooting children" or something. Thanks.

The duality of wanting to petpet the floofy foxxos, but also wanting to be pet yourself...
Just need either portal / cloning / time travel technology, or more floofy friends. Then we can all form a petting circle.

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Some IT staff report having their servers locked out by , likely related to the attack.

(Yes, it is very important to always encrypt your device's data, but please make sure you have management policies in place to store your backup keys. But everything said above is still true.)

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politics, crowdstrike 

Today, Friday 2024-07-19, an evil hacker group that goes by the name attacked and brought down various critical world-wide infrastructure - including major airlines, financial institutions, telecom, and healthcare; potentially causing multiple fatalities.

Yes I'm aware that some people disagree with the policy of "using the same words" or "being equal". If you have a better idea that will help improve cybersecurity, please let me know.

Anyways, there are still people in this world. Thank you veterinarians.

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Even though I'm much more privileged than many others, I'm still accustomed to driving into a place (can't walk in, the people door is closed or something), looking at a sign that says "X Service: $19.95", going up to the register to pay $40, and then being told that I must pay $60 or they will steal my Y and/or shoot and/or kidnap me. Then coming home and finding out that while I might have received X, they either broke my Z so I'll have to get it serviced next or they installed a virus.

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"good"-ish personal news:
Bio-dog required medical treatment. Went shopping around. May quotes were $500+, one was $800+. With waiting. Found a place that quoted $138 for the procedure and can be seen next day. Went there, people seemed cool. Dropped dog off. Came back later to pick dog up. Doctor(s) did procedure, anesthetics, gave vitamins, trimmed nails, gave us additional week worth of medicine, and tax, all for $141. Days later, dog is still alive (yay), happy, and healthy. Amazing.


The correct price to pay to play what is now called "Minecraft" is $0.00.

All but one of the ~12+ little fopses that run around where my brain should be are telling me I should be a responsible big floofty and prepare actual, good, yummyful fuds for tonight (and leftovers for tomorrow).
Then there's that one fomps in the corner by the 3rd network rack that's as sploot as a soufflé pancake, lazily lifting one of it's pawbs, "pi...piizzzaaaa" it says wearily, before dozing off again as if yapping a single word was its achievement for the day.

Dear Programmers who don't understand consent, I'm going to put my hand down your pants and fondle your crotch for a little bit, how about that?

__ Yes __ Maybe later.

How does that make you feel? Do you understand now?

How to be perfect
1. Be foxgirl
2. Be gay
3. Be fluffy
4. Foxgirls don’t believe in profit, only headpats

I've been calling USB-C the Computer Omni-Hole instead.

Thanks fedi person/folx.

dont stop yourself from creating just because you think youre bad at it. creating came free with being alive! like bees make honey and birds sing, this is how we play!

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