Desktop icons?

Poll: when will the first mod (that runs(-ish)) for be released?

A fun character sheet commission I wrapped up yesterday 🩵🤍🩶

A reminder that I am open c:

#commission #mecha #protogen

A python library called "pup" so people can refer to it as PupPy.

It's almost the weekend, good time to relax and put those paws up!
🎨: angiewolf

Oh hehe wow, I didn't expect to get booped so much for such a silly post x3

I went ahead and uploaded the sauce code, so that your DDG can be foxxos if you'd like too?

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@freeplay @volpeon And the main page~

(The text is actually text! I very much dislike text drawn as squiggles, even if they're vector squiggles.)

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My favourite search engine is FoxFoxGooooooooooooooo

Inspired by @freeplay <3
Icon by @volpeon <3

Imagine a really cute, fluffy fox.

Now pets the the cute, adorable fox.

The fox is you. Love yourself

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