Today I'm switching to Alpine Linux as my daily driver OS.

That might sound silly, but here's all the thingies that just worked for me:

  • Sound πŸ”Š
  • 3D/2D accelerated graphics (AMD)
  • Networking πŸ–§
  • XFCE, with nice lookin' themes
  • Firefox 🦊, with native messaging and HW video decoding
  • Steam
  • WINE / Proton
  • All of my Steam games
  • full disk encyption
  • Lots more!

Thingies that didn't just work:

  • Power off / restart
  • Audio applet icon too big!
  • Booting without GRUB :c


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I've tried Firefoxxo on Ubuntu multiple times and it's just super hard to get working!

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